Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Sunday, January 11, 1953

GRADUATING WITH HONORS -- When the Walla Walla Kennel Club sponsors its obedience sanction match at 1 o'clock this afternoon in the Jaycee Recreation hall in Jefferson Park, diplomas will be awarded to those dogs who have completed successfully the 10-week obedience class just ended under sponsorship of the club. Ken Rowlen served as chairman of the project and trainer . . . In the classes, the dogs are taught to become better companions by learning how to heel, sit, stay, come on command, etc. . . . At today's match, a Spokane judge will determine winner of the trophy, going to the one with the highest number of points, award ribbons for the different classes. . . The photographer was on hand at the final class of the 10-week obedience course Monday evening.

UPPER LEFT -- With Robert Chandler, president of the Walla Walla Kennel Club, at the left are, left to right, Polar Star's Capitain, a Samoyed owned by Mrs. DIrus Duvall; Brunhilde of Fra-Mar, a Boxer, owned by Joe Grote Jr.; Walla Walla Chloe, Beagle hound owned by Mrs. John Drumheller; Mi-Ida Ho Landmark, Cocker Spaniel owned by Mrs. Robert Chandler; and Laurelridge Pip, Shetland Sheepdog, owned by Miss Ruth Thomas of Milton.

UPPER RIGHT -- "Size isn't everything." That, in effect, may be what the Chihuahua is saying to the Collie. The pint-sized Chihuahua is Merida Mia, owned by Margaret Klingbeil and the Collie, owned by Mrs. Ruth Hartley, is Lance's Golden Don. Incidentally, the two dogs get exactly the same size diplomas!

LOWER LEFT -- Mrs. Ken Rowlen is proudly holding the diploma which bears the name of her Shorthaired German pointer, Dulce Cazadora.

LOWER CENTER -- Susan Van Donge, 10, was the youngest dog owner in the obedience class just ended. She has nothing but praise for her Cocker Spaniel, Mi-Ida-Ho Misty.

LOWER RIGHT -- Mrs. Robert Still of Milton is offering some pointers to Carla Troeh who is learning to handle Polyduke Cracker, Beagle hound, which is registered in the name of Paul Troeh, Carla's father.

Photos by John Ericksen, Davison engraving

Walla Walla Union Bulletin, Sunday, April 24, 1955

Dog Show Time . . . .

. . . . If most of the purebred dogs in the area are getting spruced up these days it is all for a good cause. Come next Friday, April 29, the Walla Walla Kennel Club, Inc., will be staging its 4th annual all-breed dog show and obedience trial at the Southeastern Washington Fairgrounds. More than 400 dogs representing 65 different breeds from all over the Northwest, Texas, Arizona, California, Montana and Canada have been entered.

UPPER LEFT -- Just ended was an obedience school at which Mrs. Robert Still of Milton-Freewater was instructor. She is pictured here with the four high-scoring dogs out of the class of 15. These magna cum laude "graduates" are, from left, a German short-haired pointer belonging to Mrs. Richard Piper of Milton, a Labrador retriever belonging to Dr. George Herbert, another German short-haired pointer belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bockes of Milton-Freewater and a pug, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoover of Milton-Freewater. The pug, incidentally, was high scoring obedience dog in the class.

UPPER CENTER -- Mrs. Robert Chandler is shown with the German short haired pointer which she and her husband own.

UPPER RIGHT -- Mrs. Alonzo Litts is pictured with her purebred Boxer.

LOWER LEFT -- This is a Basenji, known as the "barkless" dog. Also belonging to Mrs. Litts, it is a rare breed which originated in the African Congo. While it does not actually bark, when it is pleased it does make a peculiar noise which is sometimes described as midway between a chortle and a yodel.

UPPER CENTER -- This champion Pekingese is the property of Mrs. Gladys Appling.

LOWER CENTER -- Mrs. Still is the owner of this Collie

LOWER RIGHT -- Mrs. Roy Hoover, with her high scoring obedience dog, the pug, is receiving the trophy from Mrs. Nancy Thrailkill of Richland, obedience judge for the school's graduation exercises. Above, the Afghan hound is owned by Mrs. Margaret Bigler.

Photographs by William T. Lilley