The Kaminski Award is our club's highest honor which is given to the WWKC Volunteer Of The Year.
The rules for the Kaminski award can be found at: Kaminski


Pam Campbell

Pam Campbell has been a long-time member of the WWKC. She is a successful breeder and exhibitor of whippets. She has also lure coursed and competed in obedience with her whippets. Pam served as our Club Treasurer for 7 years. She was instrumental in bringing the Coursing Ability Test to our annual Dog Show. Pam also serves on the Judge Selection Committee. When the Club decided to move the Annual Dog Show to Pendleton, Pam helped get the local business involved through advertising in our Catalog.

Pam has always been a tremendous asset to the Club and has a sunny smile and is always ready for a laugh.


Jan Robles

Jan Robles has shown herself to be an amazing member of the WWKC in a very short period of time. Jan joined the club after participating in a CGC class sponsored by the Club only a couple of years ago. She quickly jumped right in with both feet by becoming the Obedience Chair, as well as a member of the Board, obtaining her CGC instructor endorsement from the AKC so she could start putting on CGC and STAR puppy classes as a means to raise money for the club and helped revise our Constitution and By-Laws. Additionally she has saved the club money each month by turning her home into the 'club-house', hosting the monthly Board meetings as well as the General Membership Meetings. She then started the club down the road to hosting Barn Hunts, adding a new performance event to the East side of the State for everyone to enjoy. Jan truly embodies the spirit of the Kaminski award!


Debbie Sutor

Debbie Sutor was President for 2011 & 2012, served as Vice President in 2010 and served as a Board member prior to that. Debbie has hosted several educational events including conformation workshops, rally workshops and obedience practices. Additionally she has participated in the majority of the club's events since joining and helps out anytime there is a need.


Jan Alexander

Jan is what every club looks for in a volunteer. She asks questions, then jumps in with both feet and gets what ever the task is done. She was volunteering her time and smiling face long before she was a member.
Jan has volunteered her husbands shop, trailer and help with the clubs float in the Walla Walla Christmas Parade of Lights every year. Jan pretty much single handedly put Dogfest together in 2012. It was a huge success! She doesn’t hold back with her constructive ideas and then puts them in motion.


Sandy Hawks

Sandy served as President in 2010 and 2009 after stepping up to fill the vacated position in 2008. Prior to that she served as Secretary and did so once again in 2011. She has served as Chief Ring Steward for several years and Trophy Committee Chairman. In 2011 she once again stepped up to fill a position that was suddenly in need of filling when she became the judge's hospitality chair. In 2011 Sandy demonstrated another of her amazing skills by playing a major role in the preparation of the Awards Banquet dinner. Sandy has spent countless hours dedicated to the club, which is even more incredible seeing she drives back and forth from Dayton to do so.


Cathy Notturno

Cathy was awarded this prestiges prize for all of her hard work and dedication to the Walla Walla Kennel Club over the years. She has been the newsletter editor for several years, served as a board member, chair of the 'Mutt Mitt' project, has made the arrangements for several club functions and almost always participates in everything the club has to offer. Cathy has proven herself to be an invaluable member of the WWKC and we are blessed to have her as a member. She is also a joy to be around and always shares positive suggestions and ideas. At work she continues to help the Club by encouraging any dog owners to join who might enjoy the club.


John Kerns

John Kerns has served the WWKC as President for many years, Vice President and Show Chairman. He and his wife Sue are lifetime members and currently serve as the historians for the newer members. This club owes many of their years of continued success to John.


Linne' Wagner

Linne did a great job in 2008 by creating and making Dog Fest, an event which incorporates education, hands on learning and community resources. Linne also served on the Board and was an inspiration to all volunteers.


Toni Myers

Toni was our original Kaminski Award Winner. She served as President of the club in 2007, was in charge of the annual banquet and in general, dedicated herself to the WWKC wholeheartedly. There are too many things that she helped the club with to list.