CAT Information Page

The Coursing Ability Test (CAT) is an AKC coursing event for all dogs – purebreds and mixed breeds. It’s an event filled with amusement, entertainment and comical antics from our beloved canines. Dogs around the country are finding out that chasing the lure can be a fun, healthy and entertaining activity for all breeds. No prior training is required for most dogs to do well at a CAT.

What do the Basenji, Ibizan and Whippet Sighthounds have in common with a Dogue de’Bordeaux, Miniature Schnauzer and an All American Mixed Breed? It’s the Thrill Of The Hunt! With the CAT event they now all have the ability to get off the porch and Run With The Big Dogs. This is a fun event for both dog and handler with no pressure to score the highest or run the fastest. It’s simply "Pure Fun" for everyone involved whether you have an entry or are relaxing while sitting on a blanket cheering others on.

We are thrilled to add the CAT to the WWKC annual all breed conformation, obedience and rally dog show again this year. Unlike the other events, prior registration for the CAT is not required. Just show up, sign up and watch your dog have a blast!!

Your dog does not have to be a pure bred or AKC registered to participate - it can run just for the fun of it! In order to receive credit toward your C.A. title your dog must either be registered with the AKC, recorded in the FSS program, have their PAL numbers or be enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program. If your dog does not have any of these, the forms will be available at the trial and as long as it has been completed and the $19.00 fee has been paid to the trial secretary, it will count.

A summary of the rules and regulations for the CAT can be seen by clicking "here".

What does it look like?? Click HERE to see a short movie of 3 dogs participating for the first time.